Flamingos Are Flocking In Navi Mumbai Waters: Best Spots To Watch The Pink Beauties

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Flamingos Are Flocking In Navi Mumbai Waters: Best Spots To Watch The Pink Beauties

Flamingos are tall legged, elegant pink coloured birds with S-shaped necks. These migratory birds generally fly from Kutch in Gujrat and Rajasthan’s Sambhar Lake to Mumbai. These beautiful birds come in flocks and are a sight to behold. These birds are also known as scavengers and are also good for the environment. Well if you feel like catching a glimpse of these pink beauties, here are some places in Navi Mumbai. 

1. Thane Creek

Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary is one of the least explored sanctuaries around Maharashtra. It is for sure a bird watcher’s paradise. Every year flocks of flamingos fly down here and simply give us a sight to behold. The sanctuary is home to some of the densest forests which is what attracts the birds. 

Pic Credits: Time Out

2. Nerul Seawoods

The Talawe wetlands at seawoods in Nerul which is protected by the residents themselves which makes it easier for the birds to feed and flourish. You can catch a glimpse of these birds here quite easily as they seldom flock down to this place. The place is considered a tourist spot too. 

Pic Credits: India.com

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3. DPS Lake

Navi Mumbaikars generally come to this place that is Delhi Public School (DPS) to witness the pink beauties flying down from Gujrat and Rajasthan to here. For the last few years, flamingos flock down here blessing the eyes of the people with this visual treat. 

Pic Credits: Treehugger

4. Airoli Bridge

You can spot these migratory pink lovelies from the Airoli bridge too. Many people have spotted these birds while they were driving to someplace using the Airoli bridge and now it’s prominent for spotting them you can also go via a boat to the marine biodiversity centre in Airoli. 

Pic Credits : One Green Planet

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