Twitter User Shares Weird House Hunting Experience In Bengaluru; Asked To Share LinkedIn Profile & Write Blurb!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares Weird House Hunting Experience In Bengaluru; Asked To Share LinkedIn Profile & Write Blurb!

If you are looking to buy a flat in the metro cities, then get ready to pay EMIs for the next 100 years! That’s because rent is skyrocketing to another level. Well, this wasn’t enough that now the flat owners are asking for the LinkedIn profiles of the tenants. Are you looking for a place to live or a company to work at? This Twitter user shares his unusual house-hunting experience at the IT hub of India, Bengaluru.

LinkedIn Profile Please?

Finding a place to live in Bengaluru is becoming difficult day by day. And this Twitter user’s experience proves that! Goutham tweeted about his house-hunting journey in the city of Bengaluru and shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp chat with the owner. The image was captioned stating that it was the 12th day of his house-hunting journey. The image was of the chat that happened between him and the landlord where you could see that the latter is seen asking for a LinkedIn profile.

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He further shared another tweet that showed a WhatsApp chat with another person. And this one was actually asking Goutham to write a blurb about himself! Is it a job interview or what? It seems like if you want to stay in Bengaluru, having a degree from a reputed college, excellent writing skills and a professional LinkedIn profile are a must!

House Hunting In Bengaluru

The Silicon Valley of India is not a renter-friendly place after all. The landlords have strict rules, unusual demands and whatnot. Some of them only want IT professionals and others are not okay with that. And asking the tenants to write a blurb gives off a corporate vibe. Isn’t it better to stay in a hostel then? And not to mention an unreasonable hike in the rent just for a 1BHK. Just like Goutham was told that for a 2BHK the rent was ₹75,000.

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We would like to ask if you are a professional living in Bengaluru and are having a problem looking for a place to stay. And has your landlord asked for a LinkedIn profile yet? If not, how did you find a place to rent? Comment below!

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