Bengaluru Might Have 165 AI-Powered Traffic Signalling Systems By 2025; Will Help In Saving Time

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Might Have 165 AI-Powered Traffic Signalling Systems By 2025; Will Help In Saving Time

Soon commuters will be able to save their precious time while travelling on the roads of Bengaluru. We know that considering the traffic one witnesses in the city, the previous sentence seems impossible. If everything goes by plan, this will be a reality soon. By 2025, the city might have about 165 AI-powered traffic signalling systems. Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited is inviting bids for the upgrade of 165 signals. 

AI-Powered Traffic Signalling Systems In Bengaluru

 Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited has floated a tender for the AI upgrade and will be accepting bids until March 30. The plan is to apply Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) technology to junctions in 17 corridors. 

The signals in Bengaluru are either operated manually or are fixed-time signals. The signals in the new technology will communicate with one another and prioritise clearing high-density routes, so timings will be determined by vehicular inflow. This will help in easily optimising timing at the signals. 

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For a detailed project report on this, the state has appointed a firm named Infra Support Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. The transportation expert at this firm, Rathnakar Reddy, said that people will be able to save a considerable amount of time with 10 seconds at 10 signals, for instance. 

According to the tender issues, bids are invited from companies. The work includes upgrading and synchronising 136 existing traffic signals for adaptive traffic control. It will also include applying ATCS technology to new signals at unsignalized junctions. The junctions that do not have a signal for operations are known as “unsignalized junctions. 

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ATCS Tech Will Help Open Green Corridors

Apart from 165 AI-powered traffic signalling systems, the ATCS will have an Emergency Vehicle Priority System. This will help create a green corridor for vehicles like ambulances and fire brigades. 

 All these vehicles that fall under the category of emergency vehicles will have to install Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP)-approved transponders. These transponders will help the ATCS sense the vehicle and then manage the movement without any other external communication. 

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