Watch As The Agile Snow Leopard Hunts Its Prey Along A Steep Slope; Spiderman Could Never! 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Watch As The Agile Snow Leopard Hunts Its Prey Along A Steep Slope; Spiderman Could Never! 

What comes to mind when someone talks about snow leopards? Their amazing hunting skills and, of course, their agility These majestic members of the cat family are excellent hunters, and watching them chase their prey is simply an incredible view. Naturalist and wildlife photographer Vedant Thite witnessed this chase by a snow leopard and captured it with his lens. The video is simply hair raising and a must watch for everyone!

Snow Leopard Hunts Its Prey In Style

It is a super rare phenomenon to spot a snow leopard in the wild, but Vedant managed to capture this magnificent creature, showcasing its excellent hunting skills. He shared a video on his Instagram account where you can clearly see a snow leopard chasing a urial. 

The video shows the snow leopard sprinting on a super steep slope to chase the Shyapu Ladakh Ural. The ungulate stumbled and fell off the last cliff as the leopard got into the ideal ambush position and, at the right time, pursued it down. 


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The wild animal was seen hiding and waiting for the perfect moment to chase its prey down the steep slope. It manages to catch hold of its prey even after stumbling down the cliff. The video was shot in Ladakh, India. 

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An Incredible Chase To Witness

There were some more people who captured this amazing sight. This video by Vedant Thite was shared by Zubin Ashara and reposted by The Wild India, which called it a “natural history moment.

 It also shared another video where the snow leopard can be seen running towards a group of urials and ending up catching one. The video was reposted by  Indian Forest Services Officer Praveen Kaswan. He called the wild animal a brilliant hunter as he reposted the video on his official Twitter account. 

Netizens were simply shocked to witness this beauty of the agile animal as it chased its prey in style on a super steep slope. Many people praised the cinematographer and his skills for capturing this amazing and rare scene in his lens. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr