Kolkata Airport Declares Full Emergency As A Bangkok Bound SpiceJet Flight’s Engine Blade Breaks  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kolkata Airport Declares Full Emergency As A Bangkok Bound SpiceJet Flight’s Engine Blade Breaks   

The atmosphere inside a Bangkok-bound SpiceJet flight from Kolkata airport was filled with anxiety and stress on Monday. The flight took off from Kolkata with about six crew members and 178 passengers bound for Bangkok. It was after some time after take-off that the pilot found out that one of the engine blades had broken and called for an emergency landing. Here’s how the incident happened:

Kolkata Airport Declares Full Emergency 

The Boeing 737 flight SG-83, a SpiceJet flight, took off from Kolkata airport at 1:09 am. The flight carried 178 passengers who were travelling to Bangkok in Thailand. Soon after taking off, at 1:11 am, the pilot discovered a malfunction in the engine. The engine blades accidentally broke during takeoff and caused a problem. The pilot immediately called Air Traffic Control and demanded an emergency landing.

As soon as the authorities were informed about the situation, a full emergency was declared at the Kolkata airport at 1:11 am. The flight returned to the airport and landed safely at 1:27 am. The flight safely landed at the airport 18 minutes after it took off from the same place. An airport official explained that the plane was towed away to the bay after all the passengers and crew members alighted from it. 

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A Separate Aircraft Was Arranged For The People

An airport official said that after the plane was towed away, it was thoroughly checked to find out that the engine blade had broken. Kolkata airport authorities had ambulances, CISF, fire tenders, an emergency evacuation team, and medics ready for any emergency. But none of it was needed as the pilot landed the plane safely and all the passengers were off-boarded without much hassle. 

After this, the full emergency declared at the airport was terminated at 2 am. The plane was under complete inspection after off-boarding the passengers. A separate aircraft was arranged for all these passengers to fly to Bangkok, around six hours after the incident. According to a SpiceJet spokesperson, this flight took off at 7:10 am and has now safely arrived at Bangkok’s airport. 

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We are glad that the incident did not take a bad turn.

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