Twitter User Sings Air India’s Praises On Mumbai-JFK Flight; Touts It As An Unforgettable Journey

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Twitter User Sings Air India’s Praises On Mumbai-JFK Flight; Touts It As An Unforgettable Journey

Every day you open your tabloid or Instagram or Twitter, one thing that is very common is passengers talking about the inconvenience caused by a particular airline. There are so many instances that travellers tweet about that make us rethink our journey with a particular airline and its image in our minds. But this Twitter user could not stop herself from praising Air India as she travelled on a Mumbai-JFK flight. 

Passenger On Mumbai-JFK Flight Praises Air India

Twitter user @garima_nath posted a series of tweets on her Twitter account elaborating on her experience flying with Air India. In the first tweet, she shared some pictures from Air India’s new aircraft as she flew from Mumbai to JFK. She called her experience incredible. 

She said that she was thrilled to know that her tickets have been upgraded to Premium Economy. Garima was impressed with the level of luxury and comfort the aircraft offered, as well as the goodies. She shared pictures and videos of the same in her second tweet. 

The next thing she spoke about was the seats of the aircraft, which were spacious, comfortable, and also had extra legroom. 

She mentioned that the entire user experience while using the display was simply awesome. 

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Food, Crew And Everything Else

While talking about the food in Air India’s new aircraft, Garima couldn’t stop praising the taste and the selection. She also mentioned some dishes in the tweet, like Veg Thai Curry,Chicken Kofta, Shrimp Pasta, Veg Manchurian, and Chicken korma. 

She also mentioned the service provided by the crew member in the thread of tweets. Garima said that they were attentive and friendly, and she also mentioned some names and thanked them separately. 

Her little one was also well looked after, and she felt fortunate to have experienced this service. She loved the interiors as well. 

Garima called her journey an unforgettable experience. 

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