Twitterati Are Dropping “Last Food Pic” From Their Galleries & It’s Making Us Super Hungry!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitterati Are Dropping “Last Food Pic” From Their Galleries & It’s Making Us Super Hungry!

A well-presented dish, certainly, looks appealing and drool-worthy. And we are obsessed with these food pics! In fact, restaurants make it a point to present these dishes to their customers. It has become a ritual to click food pics before relishing them. And these pics feature on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts! Similarly, Twitteratis are dropping their last food pics from the gallery. Here are some delicious-looking food photos that will make your mouth water.

Twitter Users Dropping Last Food Pics

Before diving into the meal, you must have clicked its beautiful photos to post them on social media accounts. A group of Twitter users are posting food pics and they are drool-worthy! Take a look:

1. Puri Bhaji

A Twitter user, Shwet’s, has posted the last food pic from her gallery. According to her tweet, the puri bhaji meal was made as a bhog for Lord Ganesh. 

2. Vada Sambar

The second user, Bangdu, posted a picture of vada sambar, a South Indian delicacy. The dish looks pleasing with the hot vada dipped in a pool of sambar with coconut chutney on the side — true bliss!

3. Vegetarian Thali (No Onion or Garlic)

The third entry in the list is by mona_sticism, who has posted a pic of vegetarian thali. The thali consists of different sabjis, bhakri, salad or raita, papad. Moreover, the food is made without onion and garlic. 

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4. Sushi

The Japanese delicacy, sushi, is becoming popular all over the world! And a Twitter user, Unabashed Bohemian, has posted a beautiful pic of sushi that will make your mouth water!

5. Nargisi Kofta (Indianised Scotch Eggs)

When you are bored with normal boiled eggs, this Nargisi Kofta dish takes it to another level! Happy, a Twitter user, has posted an appealing pic of these koftas. 

6. Dosa

Other than idli and vada, dosas are the most popular South Indian dish. Twitter user, Akash, has posted a pic of this South Indian delicacy. 

7. Coffee

Starbucks is the first name that comes to our mind when we think of coffee. The aroma and taste of Starbucks coffee are unbeatable! Here’s the last food pic from the gallery of Uptown Girl, a Twitter user. 

8. Masala Idli

The masala idli is a nice twist to the regular idlis. A Twitter user, Dr. Vedika, has tweeted a yummy-looking pic of this spicy idlis! 

9. Besan Ladoos

We love ladoos — but the besan ones are our favourite! The Twitter user, Dolli, has posted a pic of besan ladoos that look super tasty. 

10. Sushi 

Last but not least, Twitter user Varun Bahl has posted an Insta-worthy pic of sushi. The dish is a Japanese delicacy — however, nearly everyone is super addicted to it!

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These were the last food pic from the galleries of these Twitter users! Which one did you like? 

Cover Image Courtesy: Happy/ Twitter