Twitter User Shares A Hilarious Food-Hounding Family Dinner; Netizens Sympathise With “Momma”!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares A Hilarious Food-Hounding Family Dinner; Netizens Sympathise With “Momma”!

Family dinners are so comforting and relaxing, right? Sitting with everyone, sharing delicious food and having hearty laughs and we cherish moments like these! However, this Twitter video of a family dinner will give you second thoughts about them. Take a look at the hilarious food hoarding at the dining table by this family.

Food Hoarding At This Hilarious Family Dinner

A Twitter user, yammi, posted a funny video of a family having their meal together at the dining table. The video features six plates filled with different dishes like sticky rice, meat, spring onions, gravy, lettuce and dumplings. You can also see the elders sitting with plates ready to pounce on food. The video starts with everyone hurriedly grabbing lettuce and placing it on their plate. Then, they start snatching other green vegetables too!

Next comes the spring onions. You can see the family haphazardly tearing the green spring onion. After filling the greens on their plate, they take chopsticks and start grabbing the sticky rice. In a similar manner, they fill everything else except yellow dumplings.

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Further, they wrap everything and start eating. Finally, halfway through gobbling the wrap, they pounce on the dumplings and start grabbing them. And all of this was being done with chopsticks!

This is probably the craziest family dinner you might ever see! In addition to this, netizens have their own opinions!

Netizens Feel Sorry For The Mom

While watching this family dinner, Netizens are feeling sorry for the mom. She is the only one who has the least. The father and son were hoarding a lot of food. The user who posted this video even commented that the greediest person in the family was the son and not the dad.

Others sympathise with the mom and state that she is better than any other person for cooking a delicious meal for her family. While some were astonished by what was going on!

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Tell us what you think of this family dinner video. Also, do share funny memories of your family dinner and if you like to attend one in the comments below!

Cover Image Courtesy: yammi/ Twitter