Two Passenger Planes Collide At Tokyo Haneda Airport; Runway Shuts For 2 Hours

Tokyo Haneda airport
by Tooba Shaikh

Airline mishaps seem to be increasingly common worldwide. Plane after plane and airline after airline seem to be involved in some silly and some not-so-silly slip ups. Recently, two passenger planes ended up colliding into one another at one of the four runways at the Tokyo Haneda International Airport in Japan. Although no injuries or loss of lives were incurred, one of the planes did suffer from minor damages. Here’s what happened.

Two Passenger Planes Collide At Tokyo Haneda Airport

Tokyo Haneda airport

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Recently, two passenger planes at one of the four runways at the Tokyo Haneda airport ended up colliding into one another. The collision wasn’t a severe one and therefore, no loss of lives or injuries occurred. The people inside both the planes were safe.

One of the aircraft was a Thai Airways flight and the other was Taiwan’s Eva Airways flight. The Thai Airways flight was carrying a total of 260 passengers while the Eva Airways flight was carrying 200. The collision took place at around 11 AM on the 10th of June.

Even though no major damages happened, one of the wings of the Thai Airways plane was chipped. The collision also resulted in the closing of the runway where the accident happened. However, it did not remain shut for long. Two hours after the incident, the runway reopened.

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Passengers Inside The Plane Remain Nonplussed

Tokyo Haneda airport

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to an article recently published by Japan Today, one of the passengers inside the Eva Airways flight stated that they did, in fact, feel the impact. The passenger said that upon feeling the impact, they noted through the window how the Thai Airways flight nearby had a chipped wing.

Unfortunately, the passengers of both the flights had to remain confined inside the planes for an elongated period of time because of the crash. However, the atmosphere remained calm and nobody panicked. There was also a delay in other inbound and outbound flights of other airlines due to this.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons