TYGR – The New Thai Restaurant With A Modern Twist In Mumbai

by Madhusree Chatragadda
TYGR – The New Thai Restaurant With A Modern Twist In Mumbai

Thai food is a popular cuisine all over the world. It is much loved in here in India also as the spice base remains to be similar and hence familiar to our own taste palettes. Soft dumplings with yummy fillings, tangy sauces, spicy noodles and coconutty curries, you name it and we love it. Which is why we are super psyched about this brand new Thai restaurant in Mumbai, TYGR. The signature Thai dishes with a gourmet twist will leave you mesmerised and wanting for more.

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TYGR at Palladium Mall introduces Mumbai to a modern Thai concept with authentic flavours. It’s your favourite Thai cuisine with a modern twist you are sure to love. They import fresh ingredients all the way from Thailand to deliver you the best of Thai food.

lower parel
Credits: TYGR

The interiors exude a playful ambience with bold installations, tiger prints and patterns incorporated in the décor in the form of wallpapers, cushions or upholstery.

lower parel
Credits: TYGR

The Food
TYGR also uses techniques like freeze dryer and Josper grill to prepare food, elevating your regular Thai fare to a whole new level. Have the smelted rice flour dumplings and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Bright purple in colour, these tiny dumplings are filled with special Thai herbs, corn and water chestnuts, steamed and pan fried in a tangy tamarind sauce.


Made with finely sliced Avocado slices that are dressed in a lemon, chilli and soy and topped with Balsamic pearls, the Avacado Carpaccio is another lip-smacking dish you won’t be able to stop eating.

For all you seafood lovers, do try the Fennel tiger prawns and grilled jumbo prawns for a wholesome seafood experience.

Besides these never-seen-before Thai dishes in Mumbai, you can also indulge in delectable European cuisine as well. We recommend the flatbread with avocado, it’s our favourite! Indulge in the special Duck Masamman curry as well.

Pair your food with signature cocktails designed by the bartenders from the Artesian bar in London. Each of them is named after a popular proverb in Thailand. We absolutely love this gin-based cocktail called The way of the duck presented very uniquely in a broken egg and a nest.

Try these other interesting concoctions and more lively presentation such as Hide and Horns, fish two handed, Heart of a tiger, Bending a tree, splitting wood and you shall not be disappointed.

So if you love authentic Thai food, TYGR is the place to be at. When are you trying it out?

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Address: TYGR, Level 1, Palladium Mall Pedestrian Walkway, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Contact: 091369 21735
Avg cost for 2: ₹2,500