UAE Bans Travel For Non-Vaccinated Citizens From January 10; Booster Dose Required For Vaccinated

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Bans Travel For Non-Vaccinated Citizens From January 10; Booster Dose Required For Vaccinated

The Arab Nation expects the residents to be fully vaccinated in order to travel within the nation. It would be necessary to acquire the booster dosage for those who are already fully vaccinated. The process would begin on January 10th. This declarative would not apply to those who are medically exempt from receiving the vaccine. It is the latest country to impose new curbs amid a rise in infections. UAE bans travel for all the non-vaccinated travellers to the nation.

The UAE Has Tightened Its Preventive Measures

The UAE’s decision comes as the COVID-19 Omicron strain is causing infections in a significant number of nations. The increasing hospitalization in various areas of the world is the cause. A senior official previously stated that the UAE has tightened its preventive measures. It includes imposing restrictions on travellers to the UAE from countries experiencing an outbreak. The others on the list are the countries with the emergence of variants. Passengers would require the use of the green pass system on the Al Hosn application.

Interim Statement On Booster Doses For COVID-19 Vaccination

The booster injection is an important part of maintaining public health and community safety. Above all it would raise communal immunity, especially in these difficult times. It has been advised to everyone aged 18 or older to receive the vaccine. They should apply for a booster injection six months after receiving the second dose.

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UAE Bans Travel For Passengers Who Are Unvaccinated

In UAE over 90% of the population has been properly vaccinated against Covid-19. According to Our World in Data, about 34% of people have received the booster shot as of December 24. According to studies, a booster dose provides stronger protection against the extensively mutated Omicron strain. This strain has been spreading like fire around the world.


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The NCEMA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE have issued new travel regulations.
Foreign employees make up the great bulk of the Gulf state’s population. The new limits will only apply to citizens. Although workers will not have any effect on the new restrictions.

Since the start of the epidemic, the UAE has recorded over 750,000 coronavirus cases. Basically, Over 2,000 fatalities have come under a light so far.