UAE Guide: Indians, Avoid These Passport-Related Mistakes When You Enter UAE For Work

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Guide: Indians, Avoid These Passport-Related Mistakes When You Enter UAE For Work

People are unaware of their basic rights when it comes to passports and visas. There are many factors an individual should be aware of when they consider migrating to another country for work. The educated people might be aware, but the labour class people definitely lack a lot of information which makes them helpless in another country. So if you are an Indian, and planning to shift to UAE for work purposes, then here’s a guide that will help you avoid mistakes related to it.

Avoid These 4 Mistakes Before Considering To Move To UAE

1. Do Not Submit Your Passport At The Workplace

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The foremost thing that every Indian should avoid is submitting their passport to their workplace. The managing department emphasises submitting this important document due to their fear of employees finding other jobs. The employers are in fear that after spending money on labour for visas if they switch then it would cost them a lot of money. Hence they ask the skilled workers to do the following. But according to the labour law of UAE, it’s not a compulsion to do so and hence should be avoided at all costs.

2. Avoid Paying For A Guaranteed Job Placement

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Agents fake about placing you for work in UAE by asking for a humungous sum of money. The HRs and agents play the middleman and take away the money and you would end up with no job or money. So don’t fall into such traps and save yourself from duping.

3. Make Sure You Possess Photocopies Of Your Passport

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Taking a xerox, pdf or even a scanned copy of your passport will be helpful to you in UAE in the long run. If you have to open a bank account or in case you misplace the document, this copy will come in handy that time. Even for the application of your new passport, you would have to submit a copy of your previous passport. So make sure you keep these copies handy for the worst-case scenarios.

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4. File A Police Complaint If You Misplace Your Passport In UAE

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If you misplaced your passport and wish to return to India, the police can help you out. File a police complaint and they will provide you with a document that can be taken to the Indian Embassy for a temporary passport. This process takes around 24 hrs but you can only travel to India with this document and not return to UAE.

So make sure you are well informed about how people can deceive you in terms of providing jobs and other related activities which are not obligatory.

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