UAE To Accept Long Term Visas From 3 February

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE To Accept Long Term Visas From 3 February

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You can now extend your stay in Dubai as the country will start accepting long term visas from February 3, 2019.

What’s It?

You can now enjoy an extended stay in Dubai as UAE will officially begin accepting applications for 10-year residency visas for expats, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. The new visa rules will be effective from 3 February 2019. The effort is said to be an initiative to attract and retain new talent in the Emirate, similar to the H1B visa issues in the United States. Two committees have been allotted to review candidates for the visas- one for investors and the other for entrepreneurs, scientists, and specialised talent. In order to be eligible for the 10-year visa, candidates will have to meet certain terms and conditions.

For Investors 

Investors must invest a minimum of AED 10 million in the UAE in order for them and their family to be eligible for the visa. A renewable, multi-entry visa with a validity of six months will be issued for investors to complete formalities in the UAE. Property investors will, however, be granted only a 5-year visa.

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will be granted a 5-year visa. They will also need approval from a UAE accredited incubator or must already own a successful business worth a minimum of AED half million. They are also eligible to sponsor one domestic helper. A multi-entry visa with a validity of six months will be issued to complete formalities in the UAE.

For Specialized Talents

As for specialized talents and researchers in science and technology, a 10-year visa will be granted. The eligible categories include doctors, specialists, scientists, exceptional talents, executives and specialists in the educational disciplines, along with their families. However, there are specific conditions to be fulfilled by each of these categories in order to qualify. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree, five years’ work experience, earn a minimum salary of AED 30,000, have a valid employment contract in the UAE and health insurance are granted the visa.