UAE: Pay A Fine Of Dh400 For Crossing The Roads Incorrectly

by Shrestha Purkayastha
UAE: Pay A Fine Of Dh400 For Crossing The Roads Incorrectly

The UAE has established creative solutions for pedestrians to safely navigate traffic via footbridges and smart pedestrian crossings. Even so, jaywalkers can be found on UAE roads. According to Abu Dhabi Police data, 7,800 pedestrians were fined for jaywalking in Abu Dhabi. Pedestrians have been repeatedly advised by the police to cross only at marked crossings or to utilise pedestrian tunnels and bridges. However, if you are discovered jaywalking in the United Arab Emirates, you will be fined heavily. Continue reading to learn more!

What Exactly Is This Jaywalking?

Do you have any idea what jaywalking is? Crossing a road from an undesignated location is what it is called. Even if you’re crossing the road in a designated pedestrian lane, you should be aware of the traffic signals. Make sure to cross only when the pedestrian crossing lights are green.

Why Is It Said To Be Dangerous?

Jaywalking is well-known for putting people and automobiles in danger. Did you know that 30 individuals were killed in Sharjah in 2018 as a result of jaywalking? Pedestrian deaths have steadily decreased as a result of increased public awareness and the implementation of footbridges, tunnels, and zebra crossings.

If fines are levied, jaywalkers will be discouraged from crossing roads from non-designated zones. Drivers will be more inclined to obey traffic signals and drive at safe speeds as a result of this. Last year, the Abu Dhabi Police Department implemented new smart radars to detect jaywalkers and cars that fail to stop at pedestrian crossing points. Dubai has also installed Smart Pedestrian Signals to detect pedestrian movement.

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The Fines You Should Be Knowledgeable About

Article 89 of the Federal Traffic Law spells forth the consequences of jaywalking.

1. Anyone found crossing a road without using the designated pedestrian lanes would be fined Dh400.

2. Anyone found crossing a road while disregarding traffic signals will be fined Dh400.

Pedestrians Are Not Being Accommodated

If motorists fail to give way to pedestrians, they may be fined Dh500 and given six points under UAE traffic rules.

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How To Cross The Roads Safely

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority offers pedestrians the following safety advice for safe road use:

1. Don’t be distracted while crossing a zebra crossing, and don’t use your phone to make or receive phone calls or texts.

2. When crossing the street, don’t wear headphones. To keep safe, be aware of what is going on around you.

3. Keep your eyes and ears open for vehicles coming from all angles.

4. Cross streets at a crosswalk, using traffic lights if they are present.

5. Use footbridges whenever possible.

6. If the pedestrian light is red, do not cross the road.

7. Maintain eye contact and wait for traffic to stop before crossing.