UAE Ranks Number 1 in Digital Competitiveness Among GCC

by Jui Nikita
UAE Ranks Number 1 in Digital Competitiveness Among GCC

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UAE ranks number one in the Middle East and jumps up to 17th position globally in digital competitiveness according to IMD World Digital Competitiveness 2018 report.

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What Is It?

UAE is the only Arab country with a foothold among the top 20 Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2018. The ranking is based on 50 selected indicators divided into three factors: Knowledge, Technology and Future Readiness, in which UAE globally ranked first in Business Agility, a sub-factor of the ‘Future Readiness’ indicator, and third globally in ‘Regulatory Framework’, a sub-factor of the ‘Technology’ indicator. The UAE also ranked fourth globally in Talent, a sub-factor for the ‘Knowledge’ indicator.

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What Else?

The UAE’s improved ranking in digital competitiveness is a result of the country’s increasing adoption of digital strategies in various projects and initiatives.

The report revealed that in the Middle East region, after the UAE, followed Qatar (28th), Saudi Arabia (42nd) and Jordan (45th). Globally, the US overthrew Singapore from top position bringing them to second place followed by Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Canada, Netherlands and the UK rounding off the top 10 list.

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