UAE Residents Can Now Renew Their License Online

by Angel Merchant
UAE Residents Can Now Renew Their License Online

All drivers in the UAE can now renew their license online. Motorists who’s licenses have expired, or are due to expire within the next three months, there’s no need to fret. The process can now be done completely online, within the comfort of your home.

The Ministry of Interior has informed all, that this new service will come into effect on Sunday 29 March. All licenses will be renewed for another year, irrespective of any fines, black points, or eye tests. Customers can access the service through the online website, or smart applications. The move is yet another initiative towards making vital processes in the UAE easier, during these pressing times.

Credits: Twitter

If you want to renew your license online, log onto, or download the MOIUAE application. Earlier, license renewal was only done by visiting any of the RTA outlets. Now, it can be done completely online.

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What Else?

The Federal Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates will be setting up a committee to discuss the Coronavirus, and the its impact on the national economy. The committee will consist of representatives from numerous relevant international bodies. The committee will get together and address the essential measures needed to take, in order to curb Covid 19, and its implications. They will further assess the impact this has had on the world, and what the UAE can do to help.

Credits: Khaleej times

The group members also plan to deliver a weekly report of the updates economic developments to the UAE Cabinet. This move is taken to mitigate the risks and negative impacts of the Covid 19. The cabinet has also recently approved an AED 16 million economic budget in order to fight this deadly disease. The UAE together, have pledged an economic package of AED 126.5 billion. This move, once again, is part of a number of measures taken in order to help stop the spread of this virus, and particularly, its harmful impact on the economy.

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