UAE Salons Use Unique ‘Box’ Technique To Ensure Hygiene

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Salons Use Unique ‘Box’ Technique To Ensure Hygiene

A trip to the salon these days, is nothing similar to what it was earlier. The pandemic has introduced a new mode of living and salons are on that list too! Salons In Dubai Reopened With 50% Capacity and with a number of guidelines. Here’s what you must know if you’re visiting the salon:

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Guidelines For Salons In Dubai

1. Customers must book prior appointments
2. Following social distancing, and wearing masks at all times is a must
3. The facemask can however be adjusted during haircuts or other services
4. Waiting areas are removed and seating is scattered out
5. Customers must go through temperature screening
Besides, these rules, a salon in Dubai has come up with a unique way to ensure safety of customers. Having a facial while sitting under a large plastic box might be the new normal when you visit Dubai’s Tips & Toes. The salon has started using hygiene beauty boxes” to minimize contact with customer and increase hygiene. The transparent boxes have openings through which therapists can apply face packs, and do eyelash extensions. This helps maintain a physical barrier between the therapist and the customer.
The salon came up with this innovative way to help customers feel safe while undergoing any treatment in their salon. The hygiene boxes are custom-made and ordered internationally. However, it is not mandatory for all customers to opt for this service. The usage of the box is optional and customers who wish to undergo treatments without the box, can do so.

Spas, Massage Services, Indoor Theme Parks Reopen

Massage services and spa services resumed business form 4 July. Spas and massage centres inside hotels and malls, as well as salons and barbershops outside malls are now open to the public. However, steam, saunas, ice rooms, Jacuzzis, bath and hammam facilities continue to remain closed. Scrubs, facials and massages are allowed for the time being.

As well as, wooden sticks must be used to apply scrubs or any cream. Customers and therapists must wear facemask and maintain social distancing. Disposable bed covers and towels must be used. In addition, home beauty services are also open now to the public. Therapists must sanitize shoes, bags and all equipment before entering the client’s house.