UAE Announces New Travel & Testing Rules For Those Travelling Abroad This Summer

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Announces New Travel & Testing Rules For Those Travelling Abroad This Summer

On 1 July, UAE authorities outlined procedures for people wishing to travel outside the country. As per the previous rules, residents traveling abroad must apply for a permit from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship prior to departure. However, the new rules does not mandate this. Here’s a round up of all the new rules you must be aware of of you’re traveling outside the UAE this summer. Meanwhile, in a recent development, UAE Cabinet Announced Grace Period For ALL Residents With Expired Visas.


Residents travelling abroad this summer NEED NOT apply for permission to depart. However, the permission must be applied on return. Besides, note that travellers CANNOT apply for this permission until their depart from the UAE. On that note, Dubai Welcomed Tourists; Visitors Received Special Welcome Stickers.

Covid Test

Travellers leaving the UAE need not undergo a swab test before they leave. However, a negative Covid certificate is mandatory to return to the UAE. Besides, all expats and citizens who wish to travel must register for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Tawajudi system and provide details on their whereabouts for tracking purposes. Meanwhile, here are 7 Destinations Dubai Residents Can Travel To This Summer.

Where To Apply For Permission To Return To The UAE?

Travellers returning to the UAE must apply to the ICA system for approval.

However, the rules DO NOT APPLY to travellers flying to or from Dubai. This is because the emirate has its own own crisis authority and immigration service.

What Are The Rules For Dubai?

Residents returning to Dubai after a vacation must apply for permit to the ICA’s system. An approval number will then be provided, which has to be shown on their return. The approval for return cannot be applied before you leave the country. All UAE residents, including holidaymakers or those seeking to return after being stuck must test for Covid in one of the government authorized centres in the country of departure. Meanwhile, here are Countries that will pay travellers to holiday post Covid. 

Residents are also exempt from undergoing a swab test before departure. Passengers will be tested upon arrival in DXB or can carry a negative covid certificate, tested 96 hours prior to departure to the UAE.

Guidelines For Travellers

People over the age of 70 and those with chronic diseases will not be allowed to travel. Passengers who develop symptoms in the destination country, must head to the nearest medical centre for emergency testing. UAE citizens must also notify the UAE embassy in the destination country if they experience any symptoms.