Dubai , Sharjah And Ajman Is Boiling At 48 Degree Heat And Humidity

by Yogita Chainani
Dubai , Sharjah And Ajman Is Boiling At 48 Degree Heat And Humidity

UAE is known for many things, but it is also known for the summers. The summers in UAE are unbearable. The sweltering heat makes things difficult not only for tourists but also for locals. And now, there’s a heatwave on the way. Yep, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has shared its forecast for the coming month, and here’s everything you must know.

The Weather Will Be Relatively Hot During The Daytime

As per the report, during most days of June, the weather will be relatively hot during the daytime in internal and coastal areas and milder at night and pleasant at dawn. Whereas- people who reside in mountainous areas will witness a mild to pleasant evening night.

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The data states that the average temperature will range between 33° Celsius and 41° Celsius. The maximum temperature will reach to soaring high of 48° Celsius over some internal areas by afternoon. Summers are definitely going to be difficult this year.

Summers In UAE Are Unbearable

According to the National Center of Meteorology’s five-day prediction, we’ll have a partly overcast Friday (today), followed by a sunny but foggy Weekend. The oppressive heat is still present as we approach the end of the week and the start of the new week. Heat advisories are in effect for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, however weather should be most pleasant, if hazy.

From Friday through Tuesday, we may anticipate slight to medium gusts, which may scatter dust and reduce vision at times. So be cautious when you’re out and around.

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As per the reports, this weekend, the temperature is set to decrease. Yep, there’ll be a drop in the temperature, and it looks like this could be the last bearable weekend we will experience in the nation for a while.