Airfares To UAE From India, Pakistan Now 4 Times Higher Than Normal Rates

by Shreya Ghosh
Airfares To UAE From India, Pakistan Now 4 Times Higher Than Normal Rates

It seems that Indians are obsessed with travelling to UAE. We saw uncountable people travelling UAE from India very recently. If you are also contemplating planning a trip to this foreign country soon, here’s some sad news for you. It is quite likely that the flight tickets from UAE to India will skyrocket in the upcoming month. The airline fares from UAE to India can double in coming months. It is a bit of shocking news and if you want to know the reason behind it, keep on reading.

This Is Why UAE- India Flights’ Fares May Increase 4 Times In 2ND Quarter

The previous months have always seen an extreme surge in holidaying everywhere. And it is no different this year too. In fact, these are the months for summer holidays in UAE, so everyone is wishing to travel and explore. The demand is multiplying during these summer months and hence the upsurge in ticket prices. Apart from travellers from India, many Indians living in UAE could not visit India in the past 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and all kinds of restrictions. Now that everything is coming back to normal their demand for booking flight tickets from UAE to India is also increasing.

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Expected Price Of The Flight Tickets

According to a Dubai-based English daily, if you book your ticket from UAE to India at the present moment, then you have to pay something around Dh1,500 per ticket as per your preferred destination. Flydubai and Emirates Airlines’ standard one-way prices from places like Karachi, Pakistan, average Dh960 and Dh1,185, respectively. Meanwhile, Khaleej Times reported that the flight fares can skip to Dh3,000 in the upcoming months. Dh3,000 is equal to ₹63,408.70.

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With an increase in demand from all around post-pandemic, the price of flight fares is likely to double in the second quarter. From South Indian destinations, Onam could be the main reason for the high prices.