UAE Travellers Are Evading High Airfares By Travelling In Budget Airlines & Taking Connecting Flights

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Travellers Are Evading High Airfares By Travelling In Budget Airlines & Taking Connecting Flights

With the long weekend nearly here, it’s no secret that people in the UAE are all set to embark on a fun-filled vacation. As a result, they have already booked their tickets to the desired location where they intend to take a much-needed break. However, it must be noted that there are people who are still in the process of booking their tickets. And now, they are being treated to exorbitant airfares due to the summer rush in the UAE. Here’s what these families are doing to avoid the hike in airfare.

Airfares Sky Rocket Ahead Of The Holiday Rush

Dubai International Airport
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As the Eid al-Adha holidays draw near, there is a rush of families who intend to travel to their home countries or to cooler climates. This has, as a result, increased the airfares to popular destinations according to a report by the National News. Not to mention, since it coincides with the summer break for school, there is an unprecedented surge in summer travel. However, there are many expat families who are looking for alternative ways to evade such high air ticket prices. The report mentioned that many are willing to travel by budget airlines, take longer routes, travel with connecting flights, or even explore an alternative, which is not going to break their bank.

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Air Ticket Prices For Some Indian States Has Risen By 10 Times

Crowded Airport
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Some travellers have swapped their luxury premium airlines for frill-free travel in order to avoid paying high prices for air tickets. There are others who are no longer opting to take direct flights due to the exorbitant air ticket prices. As a result, they are taking connecting flights as an alternative! Not to mention, many or not booking their return tickets to the UAE and are instead waiting for the last-minute price drop to do so. It was mentioned that flights to destinations like London and India usually see a hike in their ticket prices. This is hardly surprising, as Arfi Ahmed, who is the Chief Executive & Founder of Smart Travel mentioned in the report that the prices for tickets to some Indian states like Kerala have increased by 10 times!

So, with ticket prices skyrocketing, it’s hardly surprising that travellers, who are yet to book the tickets are looking for an alternative that won’t burn a major hole in their pockets.

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