UAE Weather: Temperatures To Soar Up To 50 Degrees In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Weather: Temperatures To Soar Up To 50 Degrees In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Just as we thought we were past the rain season, Friday saw rain showers in various parts of UAE. While some areas received mild drizzling, other parts of Dubai saw a significant amount of rainfall. Besides, the National Centre of Meteorology has warned the residents to expect fresh rainfall and heavy winds in the coming days. Well, that does not stop temperatures from soaring however! Dubai folks can expect highs of up to 42 degrees.

What’s It?

With the formation of convective clouds in the North Eastern parts of UAE, it is expected that there will be fair to lightly clouds in different parts of the country, informs NCM. While the temperatures are expected to continue to clock high degrees, we may be in for intermittent winds and rainfalls.

Humidity levels are expected to reach around 58 per cent in the morning in Dubai, while temperatures soaring up to 50°C. While in Abu Dhabi, humidity levels are expected to be slightly higher, peaking at nearly 80 per cent in the rising hours of the day.

Earlier in the morning, parts of the Abu Dhabi emirate like Ruwais woke up to foggy weather conditions with Madinat Zayed being issued a fog warning as well.

The NCN has predicted to clock around 45 C in some parts of the country with humidity levels as high as 90% in some parts.

The north-westerly and south-westerly winds are expected to move at a speed of 20-30 km/h with the fastest at 38 km/h carrying dust in exposed regions.

What Else?

Over the weekend, NCM issued a warning, foreseeing the heavy rains in the UAE. The longest day of the year saw a dark shroud of clouds cover it. Storm Centre social media account, an account dedicated to extreme weather, showed heavy rains and high winds with black clouds visible across Sharjah. Residents across the emirate were warned to drive safely owing to rainfall. The rain was compounded with soaring temperatures, with the mercury levels rising up to 49C.

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