Uber Helicopters To Launch In Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Uber Helicopters To Launch In Mumbai

Under 140 Characters

You can now fly past the traffic woes in Mumbai as Uber launches app-based helicopter services in Mumbai.

What Is It?

BLADE is the US-based digitally powered-aviation company that is coming to India that has plans to launch services from Mumbai starting March 2019.

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What’s In It?

BLADE will provide connectivity from the two active heliports in the city, Mahalaxmi and Juhu and will offer services to Pune and Shirdi, the pilgrimage site in its initial phase. BLADE doesn’t own any of the helicopters or small plane aggregators and it just manages the flights from the network of operators.


The cost hasn’t been revealed yet in India.
Services are set to begin by March 2019.