Uber Launched Intercity Round Trips Which Features Multi-Day Return, Reserving Rides & More

Uber has launched a new feature for its Intercity service. Here's how it will benefit the passengers.

by Shreya Rathod
Uber Launched Intercity Round Trips Which Features Multi-Day Return, Reserving Rides & More

When going somewhere, we prefer to book an Uber instead of hailing a taxi. The live tracking feature, fixed fare and easy booking made it perfect for anyone who was travelling within the city. Recently, Uber launched the round trip feature for Intercity, their flagship long-distance service—here’s all about it.

Uber Launched Round Trip Feature For Intercity

uber intercity round trip
Credits: Canva

Today, Uber launched its flagship long-distance service, Intercity, with a round-trip option. With the new functionality, customers may book a single or multiple-day return trip on out-of-town trips with Uber and keep the same vehicle and driver.

Users are given much more flexibility and convenience when travelling for work or pleasure thanks to this service, which is available in all cities. It is now possible for riders to schedule round-trip outings for up to five days. The cyclist will have the added flexibility to add stops as needed, and the car and driver will be with them the entire time.

To aid in more effective trip planning for scheduled out-of-town trips, transportation can now be reserved up to ninety days in advance. Drivers can also benefit from this function, as it allows them to schedule their days ahead of time and lock in better profits. In order to guarantee that the drivers are paid for their time, the round-trip fares include waiting times and, for multi-day journeys, overnight accommodation costs.

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Shweta Mantri, Head of New Mobility, commented about the new feature at the launch. She stated that this novel function meets the needs of a whole new group of travellers who want greater ease and freedom. Up until now, out-of-town taxi travel has primarily been an unorganised sector.

They Are Eager To Retain Long Distance Travel In The Future

uber intercity round trip
Credits: Canva

However, with Uber’s host safety and tracking features available on all rides, Intercity round trips completely transform the game. Further, they are eager to reimagine long-distance driving in the future.

Along with the added benefit of tracking the voyage through the app, this will further remove the need to manually hire a local taxi service for travel. This will make the trip safer and much more dependable.

Steps To Book:

1. Select “Intercity” using the pull-down menu. (If “Intercity” is not available on the main screen, click “See all.”)

2. Enter your destination and select “Round Trip.”

3. Choose “Leave Now” if you need a car right away.

To reserve the automobile for a later time, select “Reserve” and provide the day and time of pick-up.

4. You have up to five days to choose your return date and time for the vehicle.

5. Choose the sort of vehicle that you desire.

6. Book your round-trip ticket after reviewing all the booking information on the confirmation screen.

With the introduction of this feature, travelling to another city gets easier as you won’t have to book a car for the entire trip. In fact, it also simplifies your options for return travel!

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Comment below and tell us what are your thoughts about this new feature of Uber Intercity.

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