Uber & Ola To Start Women Pooling As An Option Soon

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Uber & Ola To Start Women Pooling As An Option Soon

Under 140 Characters

The Government of India wants Uber and Ola to give its female riders the right to choose their own riding partners. 

What Is It?

The government has decided to take it upon themselves to ensure a safe travel across the country for women. The Union Road Transport and highway ministry will call a meeting of all taxi aggregators to discuss this issue, after a passenger in Bangalore was harassed by the driver, and ask them to provide an “exclusive women pooling” option to women passengers.

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What’s In It?

It will enhance women safety wherein the female passengers will have the option to choose their co-passengers. The meeting will discuss key features on how technology can be put to use in ensuring the safety of all women passengers.

The existing motor vehicle law does not cover taxi aggregators. However, the Motor Vehicle Act bill of 2017, which is still pending in Parliament, talks about such services being implemented.

After the law is implemented, violation of this licensing norm will result in aggregators being fined anything between ₹25,000 and 1 lakh.

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