Unable To Remove Cracked Egg Shells From The Bowl? Chef Kunal Kapoor Has An “Egg-Tastic” Hack

by Shreya Shriyan
Unable To Remove Cracked Egg Shells From The Bowl? Chef Kunal Kapoor Has An “Egg-Tastic” Hack

If you’re an egg lover, we’re sure at some point even you’ve struggled with the issue of unwanted eggshells mixing with your eggs. You must have tried using a fork, or spoon or even resorted to dipping your fingers in the bowl, to remove the shell. But, after using this trick by Chef Kunal Kapoor, your egg problems won’t be so frustrating anymore!

Save This “Egg-Tastic” Hack By Chef Kunal Kapoor


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In a reel shared by Chef Kunal Kapoor on Instagram, the celebrity chef can be seen showing his viewers how you can separate eggshells from your eggs, using the shell itself. Yup, really! The video shows the chef attempting to remove a small piece of the shell that has fallen into the egg bowl.

He proceeds to attempt to remove it using his fingers, but clearly struggles. A struggle many of us egg lovers are familiar with. So, to solve this problem, the chef next shows us his special trick. He uses a longer piece of the eggshell to pull the smaller piece out, from the bowl. 

If we hadn’t seen it ourselves, we wouldn’t have believed it either! An eggshell used to remove another eggshell? Why didn’t we think of this? Of course, the chef’s helpful trick had various reactions from his followers. 

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What Did The Netizens Have To Say?

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While some found it helpful, some had complaints about the hygiene of the shell.  One user commented “Noooo…egg shells are so dirty…Any other tip chef.” indicating that the chef’s trick might be efficient, but maybe not the most hygienic. Another user also agreed and said, “ Please suggest some other trick chef, the outer part of the shell is dirty most of the time.” 

While a few others agreed with these comments, one user chimed in with his own helpful trick. The user commented how wetting your finger before attempting to remove the shell, can make the process easier. “It comes out easily without any fuss”, said the user. 

One user by the name @shilpim100, commented saying “ I have faced this problem so many times…thanks for the hack” and honestly, we relate. This hack could save you and us a lot of time and crunchy bits in unwanted places. 

You know that feeling of getting elaichi in your biryani? Or getting malai in your chai? That’s how it feels getting eggshells in your burji! But thanks to the celebrity chef’s “egg-tastic” hack, we might not experience that feeling as often as we did! 

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Do you agree with the comments or with Chef Kunal’s quick hack? Let us know in the comments. Also, do share your own tips and tricks if you have any. Gatekeeping is not a good look!

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