Unique Structure Built Atop A Hill Stream Has Netizens Stumped; Do You Know What It Is?

by Tooba Shaikh
Unique Structure Built Atop A Hill Stream Has Netizens Stumped; Do You Know What It Is?

India has a variety of terrain and people have come up with interesting and creative ways to navigate such terrain. Recently, a Twitter user took to the micro-blogging website and quizzed his followers about one such way. Admittedly, the video left us stumped and scratching our heads but the answer left us in awe. The video was shot in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and showed a queer structure that is built atop a hill stream. Here are the details.

Twitter User Shares Unique Structure Built On Hill Stream

Not everyone realises all the nuances of living in a rural and hilly area. This was very apparent when a Twitter user shared a short video of a mysterious structure. He asked his followers to guess what the structure might be. Many people took to the comment section and attempted to guess what it was.

The structure in the video looked like a stream of water. But the stream seemed to be artificially constructed out of wooden logs. The water channel was filled to the brim with clear water. Given how much like a tiny stream it resembled, many people thought that it was some kind of an aqueduct.

Many people thought that it was some kind of a water mill. Some even guessed that it might be an irrigation canal. Some thought it was a method developed in order to get water to places where it isn’t as accessible. If you haven’t already guessed, here’s the answer.

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Used To Transport Lumber & Wood

In a second tweet, the user revealed what the actual purpose of the unique structure was. He said that it was actually used for the transportation of lumber. The video posted this time was slightly longer and showed a man using the water stream to transport pieces of timber.

Since transporting big pieces of wood from an elevated plain is extremely difficult, this particular way is used to ensure that the wood doesn’t get too damaged. Isn’t it fascinating?

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Did you know that such a structure for such a unique purpose existed? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @VaibhavSinghIFS/Twitter