UP Govt Implements New Safety Rules For Women; No Duty From 7pm To 6am For Ladies

by Sanjana Shenoy
UP Govt Implements New Safety Rules For Women; No Duty From 7pm To 6am For Ladies

In order to make Uttar Pradesh a safe state for women workers, the government has implemented new safety rules. Uttar Pradesh government stated on May 28 that no women worker will be allowed to work between 7 pm to 6 am, without their consent. This move will improve safety for women in the workplace. Read on to know more.

UP Govt Makes New Rules For Women Employees Working Night Shifts

According to Hindustan Times, the Uttar Pradesh government revealed that women workers working between 7 pm to 6 am will get free transportation from their residences to their workplace. This will be provided by the employer of the factor and back. This latest order comes after the UP government unveiled the state budget with a special focus on farmer welfare, health, safety and empowerment of women.

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Factory To Provide Free Food, Transport & Other Facilities For Women

In case women have duty from 7 pm to 6 am with their consent, the factory shall provide free food, transport and sufficient supervision. The employer shall ensure changing rooms, toilets, and drinking facilities are adequately available. Employers will further take necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment. When it comes to night shifts, in case a woman employee refuses, she cannot be terminated. If this rule is violated, action will be taken against the employer.