UP Man Receives ₹128 Crore Electricity Bill, He Only Has A Bulb & A Fan

by Mrunal Mahajan
UP Man Receives ₹128 Crore Electricity Bill, He Only Has A Bulb & A Fan

Shamim from Uttar Pradesh received an electricity bill of ₹128 crore from the power corporation authorities. He was stunned to see the amount because he only has a bulb and a fan in his house. Shamim who lives with his wife Khairu Nisha had absolutely no idea how he could have received such a heavy figure. The unbelievable part was that the authorities cut electricity from his house as he did not pay the hefty amount.

Shamim told ANI, ”No one listens to our pleas, how will we submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they won’t resume our electricity connection unless we pay the bill.”

He has been constantly contacting the authorities about the heavy amount received. The authorities completely ignored his struggles and gave it very little importance. Shamim had no electricity in his house, which was because of the fault of the power corporation board. The intensity of what happened with Shamim was not taken into consideration by the authorities.

When ANI talked to the Assistant Engineer, Ram Sharan, he said,” This must be a technical fault. If they provide us with the bill we will issue them an updated one after rectifying the technical fault in the system. This is no big deal. Technical faults do take place.”

A lot of people on twitter though this was very incorrect on the part of the Power Corporation authorities. Here are some tweets where people show their discomfort towards what happened to Shamim.