US Is Facing Its Worst Heat Wave, Temp To Soar Up To 100 °F; 140 Million Citizens Can Be Affected

by Shreya Shriyan
US Is Facing Its Worst Heat Wave, Temp To Soar Up To 100 °F; 140 Million Citizens Can Be Affected

The United States Of America is facing its worst heat wave challenges right now. Parts of the country face serious dangers from the heat as temperatures rise rapidly. Millions of Americans are under heat alerts as a relentless heat wave grips the nation. The Northeast region of the country stands the most at risk. 

US Faces Its Worst Heat Wave Crisis Yet; Could Affect 140 Million People

The United States is facing a relentless heat wave. Over 140 million Americans are now under heat alerts. The Northeast is preparing for its highest temperatures this year with extreme heat having shattered records in southern states recently.

Officials are taking preventive measures to minimize the deadly impact of the dangerous weather phenomenon, reports Hindustan Times. 

Reports also stated that the heat wave is moving eastward, bringing dangerously high temperatures to the Midwest and Northeast. Nighttime temperatures in cities such as New York City and northeast New Jersey will range from 75°F to 80°F. With the far outlying suburbs experiencing temperatures dipping into the lower 70°F.

The elevated humidity adds to the discomfort, making it difficult for residents to escape the sweltering heat.

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The reports also stated that extreme heat advisories are affecting entire states, from coast to coast. Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, New Jersey, and parts of Southern California and Arizona are all impacted. Southern states are witnessing record-breaking heat indices. 

What We Know So Far

Miami has endured 46 consecutive days with a heat index surpassing 100°F, while El Paso has seen 41 consecutive days with temperatures over 100°F. Phoenix has reached 118°F for the 27th consecutive day, reported Hindustan Times. 

If you didn’t believe in climate change before, news like this will surely make you a believer. Not just America, but many parts of the world are suffering its full effects. Wildfires in Greece, droughts in Europe, and extreme rainfall in India. No one is free from the consequences of climate change. 

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Are you doing your bit to help reverse the effects of climate change? If so, let us know in the comments how you’re trying to contribute to saving our planet.

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