US Man Invents A Beer-Powered Motorcycle That Might Speed Up To 240 Km Per Hour

beer-powered motorcycle
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

There have been some great people in history who have invented things that have been a boon for mankind. Telephones, bulbs, etc. are some of them. Well, a man in the US is known for his unusual inventions and does not fail to create a buzz in the town for the same. His newest invention is a beer-powered motorcycle! Yes, you read it right! A motorcycle that will run on beer.  

US Man Invents Beer-Powered Motorcycle  

Ky Michaelson, a resident of the US, has unveiled his latest invention, a beer-powered motorcycle. This new invention has a 14-gallon keg with a heating coil. This is different than other motorcycles, which have a gas-powered engine. 

The beer is heated by the coil to a temperature of 300 degrees, at which point it turns into extremely hot steam that propels the bike forward.  His earlier creations include a jet-powered coffee maker and a rocket-powered toilet.

Ky believes in doing things that no one has ever done before. This is why his inventions have always been out of the ordinary. 


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The Prices Of Gas Is The Reason Behind This Invention

Ky Michaelson stated the reason and inspiration behind the invention of this beer-powered motorcycle. He said that the price of gas is high in the US which led him to think of an alternative. 

He said that he is not a drinker, so he thought of using this drink as fuel. His nickname is Rocketman, and he has not yet taken the bike on the road. But this new invention, a beer-powered vehicle, made its debut at some local car shows, and it won the first prize. 

The best part about this motorcycle is that it speeds up to 240 kilometres per hour (150 miles per hour). He plans to take the motorcycle out to check its capabilities. He said that after a few demonstrations, this invention will be kept in his house in the museum. (As per Times Now)


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Cover Image Courtesy: @Ky Michaelson/Instagram