US: Now, Passengers Can Order Food & Drinks To Your Seats On Amtrak, Just Like India’s IRCTC!

Just like IRCTC in India, Amtrak in the US has started a catering service on train where you can order food and drinks to your seats.

by Shreya Rathod
US: Now, Passengers Can Order Food & Drinks To Your Seats On Amtrak, Just Like India’s IRCTC!

It’s always enjoyable to get up and stroll through the train cars to the dining car or snack bar car. However, there are moments when the view outside the window is so captivating that you find it difficult to put your feet up. Amtrak, the US’s rail service provider, has a solution for this!

You Can Order Food & Drinks To Your Seats By Amtrak

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According to The Points Guy, Amtrak is testing the possibility of allowing customers to buy meals online and have them delivered straight to their seats. As of now, the service is limited to particular Acela trains in the northeast that go from Boston to Washington, D.C.

You can have your lunch delivered to you or pick it up from the cafe car using the test programme. For walk-in customers, the meal costs will remain the same, with an extra $2 for seat delivery and a 50-cent service charge for online orders. This delivery service is a terrific option if you’re clumsy and don’t want to carry anything heavy like a hot coffee that you might spill or drop. Additionally, it prevents you from getting impatient when waiting for food that takes some time to make.

Fred Gazzolo, vice president of product development and customer analytics at Amtrak, stated that the at-seat delivery option is valued and has enhanced the onboard experience for their senior citizens, families, and people with limited mobility. The particular trains that are experimenting with this service are trains 2163 and 2253 on the return journey and trains 2160, 2170, 2250, and 2254) on the way from Washington, D.C. to Boston. An email with ordering instructions should be sent to you a few hours before your train leaves.

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In mid-January, the 90-day trial programme came to a conclusion. Amtrak will next make the decision regarding whether to extend the service to more trains.

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation Of The US


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The national passenger train operator in the US is called Amtrak, or The National Railroad Passenger Corporation. In three Canadian provinces and 46 of the 48 contiguous states in the United States, it provides intercity rail service.

With 21,400 miles of track, Amtrak’s network consists of more than 500 stations. Of this track, it owns around 623 miles directly and operates another 132 miles. While the remaining mileage crosses rail lines that are held by other railroad firms. In certain stretches of the track, trains may travel at up to 150 mph.

There are three types of Amtrak services:

  • short-haul service on the Northeast Corridor
  • short-haul service beyond the Northeast Corridor subsidised by the state
  • medium- and long-haul service that Amtrak refers to as the National Network.

Amtrak’s National Network routes and the main spine of the Northeast Corridor are funded by the federal government, along with the great majority of its operations.

Apart from the federally supported routes, Amtrak collaborates with 18 states’ transportation agencies. They run several short- and medium-haul routes beyond the Northeast Corridor, some of which are extensions or connections to it.

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Amtrak Thruway routes offer assured connections to trains by buses, vans, ferries, and other modes too.

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