USA Sees Rise In COVID-19 & Flu Cases; Wearing Mask Reinstated In Hospitals Of NYC & Some States

Positive cases of COVID-19 and flu are seeing an uptick in different parts of the USA.

by Shreya Ghosh
USA Sees Rise In COVID-19 & Flu Cases; Wearing Mask Reinstated In Hospitals Of NYC & Some States

Active COVID-19 cases are surging in different parts of the world and the United States of America is one of them. Several parts of the country are currently battling with this rise in coronavirus cases along with flu as well. Seeing the shift in the number of patients suffering from these health issues, the nation has initiated a strict protocol to be followed by everyone.

Wearing Masks Is A Compulsory Once Again

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Remember the days when stepping outside of our houses without masks felt like something scary? Well, similar days are returning in some parts of the USA as the rule of wearing masks has been brought back in hospitals. The bustling New York City and some other states of this country are now following the strict protocol of wearing masks while going to hospitals.

The rule of wearing masks has been reintroduced as a response to the surge in active coronavirus and flu cases. Another scare at the moment is the JN.1 variant. Hospitals are indeed one of those places where the risk of getting infected from others is a bit high. Keeping this in mind, the authorities reinstated this important protocol. From staff working in healthcare establishments to patients admitted there to people coming to visit them, wearing a mask properly is a compulsion.

The concerned authorities came to the solution of reinstating the protocol seeing the uptick in infections among people. This is an important step in an attempt to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and save a large number of people from coming in touch with the virus and getting infections. The rise in patients suffering from the diseases is indeed scary and following regulations and being a responsible citizen are some of the most significant things to do now.

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It Is An Alarming Time!

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The surge in COVID-19 cases among the population is not the only worst part here. The scariest news is that coronavirus cases are witnessing a rise along with flu infections and the new JN.1 variant. New York City is not the only location grappling with coronavirus cases. California, Florida, and Texas recently reported an uptick in these infections, according to a report by

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People in the USA, stay safe!

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