Uttarakhand’s Valley Of Flowers Is Opening From June 1st! Get Ready To Immerse In The Floral Beauty

Uttarakhand's famous tourist destination is open again! Visit the Valley Of Flowers this June.

by Shreya Rathod
Uttarakhand’s Valley Of Flowers Is Opening From June 1st! Get Ready To Immerse In The Floral Beauty

The Valley of Flowers National Park offers tourists an amazing experience. It is an ethereal vision against the majestic background of the Himalayan peaks. The Valley Of Flowers is opening again for tourists; details here!

Uttarakhand’s Valley Of Flowers Is Opening Again!

The Valley of Flowers National Park occupies an area of 87 square kilometres in the Chamoli district. It is one of the two core zones of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, along with the Nanda Devi National Park. It is believed that the UNESCO World Heritage site was found in 1931 when three British mountaineers got lost and happened upon this breathtaking valley.

The valley hosts over 600 varieties of exotic flowers, including anemones, orchids, poppies, primulas, marigolds, and daisies. It is a spectacular sight for visitors! There are striking sights along the way, such as gushing waterfalls and untamed streams, during the walk to the valley. Apart from flora, the valley is home to fauna like Himalayan monal, black bear, red fox, lime butterfly, snow leopard and more. For tourists, this is a must-visit location and will be open from June 1st!

Other Natural Spots To Visit In Uttarakhand

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Hemkund Lake: The Hemkund Lake is fed by glaciers from Saptrishi Peak and Hathi Parvat and is encircled by seven snow-capped summits. Also, it is a Sikh pilgrim site!

Naini Lake: The tectonic forces in Nainital created a depression that eventually gave rise to this freshwater lake with a lunar shape. The lake is surrounded by excellent lodging options and is a fantastic place to go birdwatching.

Tehri Lake: It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Asia and is also known for adventure sports. You can enjoy adventure sports like boating, zorbing and paragliding.

Vasuki Tal: You will find floating icebergs in the lake and the reflection of Kedarnath hills. It receives water from glaciers including the Chor Bamak Glacier and the Vasuki Glacier as well as snow-covered mountains.

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Bhagirathi Peak: It is the tallest of peaks that dominate the valley all the way to Gaumukh, the point where the Ganga River begins and the Gangotri Glacier ends.

The beautiful valley is calling out to you!

Cover Image Courtesy: Uttarakhand Tourism/ Website

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