Vanar Astra Or Nandi Astra, Don’t Break Road Rules Says Mumbai Police

by Suchismita Pal
Vanar Astra Or Nandi Astra, Don’t Break Road Rules Says Mumbai Police

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva has already earned a thumping ₹170 crores after hitting the theatres on September 9, 2022. The film has drawn inspiration from Indian mythology and revolves around Astraverse-the world of Astras or weapons. The different kinds of weapons shown in the movie include Vanarastra, Jal Astra, Prabhastra, Pawanastra, Nandi Astra and Agni Astra. Now, Mumbai Police is leveraging the huge popularity of the movie to spread awareness about road safety. Taking to Instagram, it said, “Even if you have Vanar Astra, don’t jump the signal. Even if you have Nandi Astra, don’t use the strength of the accelerator”.


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Driving Safe Is The Biggest Astra, Says Mumbai Police

Time and again, Mumbai Police has used quirk as a tool for conveying important messages to the masses. From cult movies to Netflix shows, it has taken inspiration from everything popular on the web to deliver messages in an impactful way. And this time, Brahmastra was the muse. It has shared its messages on social media in both English and Hindi. Mumbai Police also wrote in its post that Junoon and Raftaar can ‘put your universe at risk’. Junoon and Raftaar are shown as the negative forces in the movie. Mumbai Police also stated that ‘driving safe’ is the biggest Astra one can have. Interestingly, Alia Bhatt also came across the post and called it ‘Epic.’


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Brahmastra Was Filmed In Several Scenic Locations

If you haven’t watched Brahmastra yet, Vanarastra is the weapon with the strength of a monkey or vanar. Nandi is the bull of Lord Shiva. And Nandi Astra combines the power of a thousand bulls. Netizens who have watched the movie are calling it a ‘visual spectacle. The filming of Brahmastra had taken place in several picturesque locations in India and abroad. Brahmastra was shot in places like Varanasi, Manali, Edinburgh, Bulgaria, London and New York.