Vatika Aims To Empower Women Through ‘Vatika Voices’; Here’s How

by Yogita Chainani
Vatika Aims To Empower Women Through ‘Vatika Voices’; Here’s How

There’s no one like a strong woman. A strong woman is a definition of grace, hard work, courage, perseverance, passion and more. She knows how to shatter the glass ceiling and pave her way to become a success story. And to empower such women, Curly Tales and Dabur Vatika- GCC’s leading natural hair care brand have launched an initiative called ‘Vatika Voices’. The campaign sheds light on women who fought all obstacles and made their dreams come true. And to celebrate these women, Vatika is providing varied benefits which will help them become a better version of themselves.

Vatika Aims To Empower Women  

A woman is self-sufficient and self-reliant, and Vatika wants to empower them further by giving them aids in varied ways. The brand aims to help women by listening to their powerful stories and helping them achieve their dreams. The aid provided by the brand will differ from person to person. The brand will ensure to help the women with just one aim – Empowering Women to shape the future of our society.

If you have a story or know anyone who has one that stands out, then Vatika has a set of benefits for you. Here’s your chance to nurture yourself! 

As a brand that cares, Vatika aims to nourish women holistically and help them live their dreams. If you have a story to share, send your applications and Vatika will help you achieve your dream.

Have Your Voice, Your Dream, Your World

We see ourselves in Vatika as a catalyst that helps woman make their dreams real. Whoever and whatever you are, a champion or an influencer, or an entrepreneur, or just a person who’s walked her own path to make a better reality of hers, let your voice be heard. Tell us your story and inspire other women to have their own voices.