Vegan Diet Is Good For The Planet, Has Less Environmental Impact; Reveals An Oxford Study

Vegan Diet
by Shreya Ghosh

Many people around us are slowly changing their lifestyles and choosing veganism. There has been a significant rise in people leaving consumption of non-vegetarian food and instead choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet in the last few years. Different people have different reasons for this diet change. Is going vegan really a good option? Does it really help in saving the Earth? Let’s find that out.

An Oxford Study Reveals The Benefits Of Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

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Many health-conscious people make this shift because they feel that a vegan diet can help them in leading a healthy life. On the other hand, many even go vegan for their love for animals and the planet. But how do vegan foods contribute to building a better planet? To answer this question, Oxford scientists have conducted a survey revealing some interesting information. The results of this study have been published in Nature Food.

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With a total of 55,504 participants, this study was conducted. People with different kinds of diets such as meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans participated in this survey. Divided into 6 groups, this study went on for over a year. To find out the differences in the environmental impact of different groups, several sets of data mentioning the impacts of different food were linked.

The Results Are Shocking!

Vegan Diet

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The results reveal how dietary emissions of carbon dioxide for vegans are lesser than that of a diet including fish and meat. Vegans contribute 30.3 per cent of the environmental impact in comparison to the high meat-eaters group. Such an important result clearly specifies how following a vegan diet is good for the planet as carbon dioxide emissions are notably lesser than that of food groups including dairy, fish, and meat. Smaller carbon dioxide emission leads to reduced environmental impact.

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Going vegan is not an easy task at all. It is a major change in one’s lifestyle and many people have failed to follow veganism continuously. The study also revealed that people can decrease their consumption of dairy, fish, and meat or even follow a vegetarian diet as these changes also help in decreasing the environmental impact.

Do you follow a vegan diet or include more vegetarian food in your regular diet?

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