Vendor Makes Special Egg Banjo On Bhopal’s Streets & We’re Drooling All Over The Screen!

by Shreya Ghosh
Vendor Makes Special Egg Banjo On Bhopal’s Streets & We’re Drooling All Over The Screen!

It is true that there are so many Indian street food vendors that is all about serving each and every dish with tons of cheese and lots of oil. But there are also some stall stalls that actually serve good food and prepare them in the way that these food items are supposed to be cooked. If you are a fan of eggs, you surely have tried egg banjo in some local eateries or food stalls. A video of this fantastic egg recipe is making rounds on social media and egg lovers surely are craving some.

This Video Of A Special Egg Banjo On Bhopal Streets Will Make You Hungry!

The Instagram food blogging page Yum Yum India | Madhur shared a recipe for a special egg banjo on the Instagram page @yumyumindia. This video shows how a street food vendor in Bhopal prepares this yummy recipe for the customers and it surely looks very tempting.


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Egg banjo is one of the many preparations with eggs that we do not eat regularly. Loaded with butter and spices, we can surely try some of this recipe sometime. Well, if you want to cook it at your home, the recipe is shared in the video itself. The vendor starts cooking egg banjo by beating some eggs with spices, salt, onions, and chili. He then adds oil to a well-heated pan, pours the egg, and adds bread slices to it. Then, he adds a special chutney and some butter to the bread slices and coats them well with the eggs on the pan. After frying both sides for some time, he adds onions, tomatoes, some mayonnaise, and sauce. Then he places it on a paper plate, cuts it into small 4 cubes, and garnishes it with mayonnaise, sauce, and some grated cheese. Lastly, he serves egg banjo with three different types of chutney and sauces.

Instagram Users Have Some Mixed Reactions To this Recipe!

With more than 182K views, this viral video on Instagram now has over 2,900 likes and many comments. It is true that egg banjo looks quite yummy in this video but a user pointed out that the pan has not been washed properly. Some Netizens commented that they are glad to see that some street food stalls are serving good food items.

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Have you tried egg banjo before? If not, you surely need to give this recipe a try. This tastes absolutely delicious and melts in your mouth.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Yum Yum India | Madhur (@yumyumindia)