India To Get Clean & Hygienic 100 Food Streets In 100 Districts Across The Country!

by Shreya Rathod
India To Get Clean & Hygienic 100 Food Streets In 100 Districts Across The Country!

Indian street food delicacies are delicious and mouth-watering! From vada pav to kachori, they have received global recognition. Moreover, these street foods help in promoting tourism and economic growth. However, there is no proper maintenance or system that can ensure serving of clean and hygienic food at these stalls. And has raised safety concerns! To avoid this, the government authorities are planning to create food streets across India.

100 Food Streets In India

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The Union Health Ministry has asked states and union territories to create 100 food streets in 100 districts across the nation in partnership with the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. As a pilot project, this initiative is being undertaken to set a precedent for more such streets to emerge across the nation, providing clean and safe culinary practices.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote healthy eating habits among local residents and business owners. And lowering the incidence of foodborne illnesses and enhancing general health outcomes.

Rajesh Bhushan (Union Health Secretary) and Manoj Joshi (Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs Secretary) emphasised in a letter to the states the need of simple access to wholesome food for public health. Safe food practices will support the ‘eat right campaign’ and food safety.

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Also, it will raise the sanitary standing of nearby restaurants, increase local employment, encourage tourists and ultimately help the local economy. Additionally, it results in a cleaner, greener environment.

Initiative Implemented By National Health Mission

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With technical assistance from FSSAI, the National Health Mission (NHM) will carry out this innovative programme in coordination with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. According to the press release, States and Union Territories will receive financial support for the programme for Rs 1 crore for each food street or district in order to close crucial funding shortages.

Major steps will be taken to ensure convergence in terms of financial resources and physical infrastructure. It will be the responsibility of Municipal Corporations, Development Authorities, and District Collectors. Other actions have been taken to raise food safety standards. It will include training food handlers and independent third-party audits. They will be educated about certification of Eat Right Street Food Hubs.

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