This Street Food Vendor In Bangalore Makes Fresh Ragi Mudde & Celebrates The Year Of Millets 

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Street Food Vendor In Bangalore Makes Fresh Ragi Mudde & Celebrates The Year Of Millets 

It’s often a common notion that street food just encompasses junk or unhealthy food. Yes, we do have deep-fried pakoras, oily puris and cheese-overloaded sandwiches in gullies but their counterparts are fresh fruit juices, fruit chaats and even healthy thalis served in humble food carts. A recent viral video opens Bangaloreans’ eyes to a ragi mudde stall in Vijayanagar in Bangalore. There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the International Year of Millets than grabbing a bite here.

This Woman Runs A Healthy Ragi Mudde Stall In Bangalore

Instagram food page, @streetfoodrecipe posted a reel of a Laxmi, a street food vendor selling the local millet speciality, ragi mudde in Bangalore. Ragi mudde or ragi ball is made from finger millet flour and water. These nutritious balls are packed with protein and are especially consumed by farmers to remain fit. At Laxmi’s stall, you can see her expertly preparing this Karnataka delicacy. In the video, Laxmi makes a thick concoction of ragi flour and water in a massive metal pot. She keeps stirring it over high flame.

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Then, Laxmi rolls the raggi dough into big ragi balls. Next, the street food vendor serves the millet balls with vegetable curry. @streetfoodrecipe mentions in the caption, that this hardworking street food vendor also serves a local thali comprising of dal, vegetable curry, millet balls and refreshing buttermilk. It’s known to be a popular street food stall in Vijayanagar area of Bangalore. Customers often rave about both the flavours and top-notch quality of her food. Laxmi’s ragi mudde stall is a local adda.

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The Benefits Of Eating Finger Millet

 Ragi Mudde bangalore
Picture Credits: Canva

This International Year of Millets, how about exploring such street food stalls that serve healthy dishes celebrating Indian millets? After all, millets are packed with protein and fiber and are also gluten-free. When it comes to raggi, this millet is known to nourish you with Vitamin B. It’s healthy for the heart and even fed to lactating women. Also, if you have digestion issues, ragi AKA finger millet will boost your digestion.

So, Bangaloreans, when are you planning to visit Laxmi’s raggi mude stall in Vijayanagar?

Cover Image Courtesy: @streetfoodrecipe/ Instagram