VIDEO: 150 People Discharged From Isolation Centre in Warsan, Dubai

by Angel Merchant
VIDEO: 150 People Discharged From Isolation Centre in Warsan, Dubai

A staggering number of 150 people have been cleared from the threat of having Covid 19, in the Warsan area in Dubai. They were showing mild symptoms for the virus and were being kept at isolation centers in Warsan. However, all 150 of them have been declared negative, and are now safe to go to their homes. A video was shared online where the people are being seen walking out of the area, and the medical staff and team are being applauded. Many buildings in the area of Warsan were turned into isolation units and temporary quarantine centers for people who were showing mild symptoms. They were held there until it was made sure that they are safe.

Many police officers wearing masks also joined in and were seen waving and applauding the group of people, and the medical staff who were escorting them. This was a small win for everyone, in the fight against the deadly and novel Cornanvirus. In order for a patient under coronavirus observation to be released, they must be tested twice consecutively, and both tests should come out negative. Only then can they be declared cured and are safe to leave isolation. Most of the men who were quarantined in the Warsan area were blue-collar workers, that were held in isolation for treatment only last month. This facility in Warsan, held between 2 to 4 patients in a room and made sure adequate treatment reached them all. Two private healthcare providers run and head this facility.

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How Did It Work?

The Indian community and consulate brought onboard volunteer medical healthcare professionals to tend to the workers. A center with 500 beds was opened in just one day. The healthcare professionals would leave food and water outside the doors of those isolated, and they would also be covered up in protective gear. Similar to the Warsan area, a number of other heavily populated areas are being tested and treated by the government every day. Some suspected cases are sent to hotels, others with mild symptoms are sent to these kinds of isolation centers. Those with severe symptoms are sent straight to the hospitals. The police and healthcare workers are specifically looking at heavily populated areas around Dubai, as they are the most susceptible at this point. They are also targeting their testing and treatments on those who live in shared accommodations, to try and mitigate the risk of the virus spreading.

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