VIDEO: HH Sheikh Hamdan Visits Dubai Airport

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
VIDEO: HH Sheikh Hamdan Visits Dubai Airport

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Mohammed chaired a meeting of Dubai‘s Executive Council held at Terminal 3, DXB on 1 June 2020. In his meeting, Sheikh Hamdan said that Dubai Airport is taking off again! HH sent home messages of hope and optimism as the world managed to weather the storm to continue its socio-economic development journey. His Highness also said that Dubai has presented a model of resilience and efficiency in dealing with crises to continue its journey of achievements.

In his speech, Sheikh Hamdan said:

“This experience has provided us with a significant boost ahead to maintain our achievements so Dubai remains the best city in various vital sectors, and to start a new phase with strength and competitiveness. Today, we are flying high and we are confident with our abilities as we demonstrated a distinctive experience is maintain work and productivity and tackling challenges and triumphing over crises.”

During his tour in the Airport, Sheikh Hamdan also met with a number personnel of entities working in the airport, where he praised their efforts and commitment to maintain their duties amid these exceptional situation, where he hailed their efforts and readiness for the next phase, adding that everybody is responsible so Dubai will return rapidly, and strongly, and remains a bright global destination.

He also added that For years, DXB has been ranked among the world’s biggest airports for international travel, while Emirates is a unique success story in global aviation. Dubai will fly again, and send the world a promising message for a bright future.