Video Of Man Using Hot Dog As Straw To Sip Beer Leaves Internet Disgusted

by Sanmita A
Video Of Man Using Hot Dog As Straw To Sip Beer Leaves Internet Disgusted

The world of internet is nothing less than shocking. Snippets and videos of bizzare people, weird acts and unusual places keep going viral and surprising us. We too, try to bring you all that catches our attention and all that becomes the talk of town. Recently, a video of a man sipping on his glass of beer went viral and from the reactions, people did not seem to be quite pleased. This video was shot at a baseball game, where the man goes on to something very different.

Beer & Hot Dog: Why Is This Combo Disgusting The Netizens?

While, one would usually prefer pairing a meal of hot dog with beer, but this man on Instagram seemed to have an usual way of pairing the both. He went on to poke holes on the end of his hot dog sausage and uses it to sip the beer from his glass. Technically, he uses a sausage in place of a straw to enjoy his beer. Take a look at this video carefully to see what he does  –


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Unusual Way Of Sipping Beer Through Sausage & People’s Reactions

Indeed, the video went ahead to garner tons of reactions. And, here’s all the interesting comments and reactions of people towards this man, enjoying his beer and hot dog in the weirdest manner ever.

jonnyshipes says, ‘All of this is disgusting BUT the sucking the meat out of the straw is some of the nastiest shit I ever seen 😂.’

kareem says, ‘legend’

jermcohen said, ‘this guy is saving the turtles.’

The internet seemed quite disgusted with what the man at this specific baseball tournament. Have you spotted such weird incident ever?

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