Video Of Street Vendor Making Chinese Bread Pakoda Goes Viral. Hygiene Left The Chat, Say Netizens

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Street Vendor Making Chinese Bread Pakoda Goes Viral. Hygiene Left The Chat, Say Netizens

Another day, another video of a street food stall goes viral on social media. And this time, this viral video is about our favourite bread pakoda. Most of us love gorging on this crispy and crunchy snack, especially with a cup of chai in this ongoing monsoon season. Recently, a video of making this snack is making rounds on the Internet and Netizens want a hygiene check!

Video Of Hygienic Chinese Bread Pakoda Is Making People Question About The Cleanliness IRL

Food blogger Nitesh – MumbaiFoodie✨ (@bhukkadbhaiyaji_) shared a video of a street food corner where a man is seen making some bread pakodas. From preparing the batter to serving them, he has captured all the steps in this viral video.

The food blogger shares the video captioned “Hygienic Chinese Bread Pakora” and shows how the street vendor prepares the batter with his bare hands. We can see how he takes bread slices, layers the vegetable mixture on them, cuts them into triangles like sandwiches, dips them into batter, and deep fries in hot oil. To serve the Chinese bread pakoda, he also makes a savoury mixture of fried noodles, shredded cabbages, and a red sauce. He cuts the pakoda from the middle and stuffs the fried noodles mixture inside. Lastly, he served it with some other fried snacks and a Chinese gravy.

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As shared in this caption of the viral reel, the location of this street-side stall selling Chinese bread pakoda is Shanti Nagar Mira Road.

Here’s What The Instagrammers Have To Say About The Video

Chinese Bread Pakoda
Picture credit- Nitesh – MumbaiFoodie✨ (@bhukkadbhaiyaji_)

Shared over a month back, the video has garnered over 850K views on Instagram. With more than 21K likes, Instagrammers have filled the comments with their reactions to this supposedly called hygienic Chinese bread pakora. The comments are hilarious and Netizens are pointing out the improper hygiene maintained while making the pakodas. An Instagrammer wrote, “Relax guys.. the food identifies as hygienic”. A comment read, “This ain’t Chinese or Hygienic, idk”. “I’m still searching for hygienic”, commented another user.

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Will you ever try Chinese bread pakoda cooked like this in a street food stall?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Nitesh – MumbaiFoodie✨ (@bhukkadbhaiyaji_)