Video Of Street Vendor Making Idli Vada Goes Viral. Desi Food Lovers Do Not Like This Fusion

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Street Vendor Making Idli Vada Goes Viral. Desi Food Lovers Do Not Like This Fusion

Idli has a huge fanbase not just in South India but all around the country. This humble and simple breakfast is such a beloved food item to relish with some sambar and chutney. And when it comes to weird food experiments, we really hope that no one attempts anything with our favourite dishes. Well, with the massive wave of street food videos on the Internet, we often come across bizarre recipes of our favourte food. Today we found something with idli.

Is It An Idli Vada Or Something Else?

Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala) took to the social media platform ‘X’ to share a video where a street food vendor makes something new with idli and other ingredients. He called it “Idli that isn’t Idli” and we agree with him on this!

This food experiment video shows the entire process of preparing this new food item. To make this unique dish, the vendor takes an idli and adds some potato stuffing to it, and uses another idli to make it like a sandwich. Then, he dips them in a batter prepared with flour and some spices. He coats the idli potato sandwiches well and then deep fries them in hot oil. He serves this fusion fried idli recipe with sambar and chutney.

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If you are wondering about the location of this street food stall, it seems like it is somewhere in Pune, as shared in this tweet.

Are Desi Food Lovers Happy With This Experimentation? The Answer Seems Like A NO!

Many food bloggers often share videos of such bizarre recipes these days, especially the ones sold at street food stalls. Idli is a quintessential breakfast item and Netizens are kind of not impressed with this fusion of idli, sandwich, and vada. This culinary experimentation is not sitting well with foodies and they are sharing their opinions and reactions on this viral representation.

Shared just 2 days back, this video has already received almost 5000 views. Here’s what people have to say about this recipe.

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What name are you giving to this recipe? Also, will you give this new idli recipe a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala)