Do You Love Parathas? If Yes, Watch The Viral Video Of Paratha Floating In Oil At Your Own Risk

by Shreya Ghosh
Do You Love Parathas? If Yes, Watch The Viral Video Of Paratha Floating In Oil At Your Own Risk

Our power to resist lip-smacking street food is quite low. We often crave chatpata street food and the feelings after satiating our cravings are simply unbelievable. These days, hundreds of videos of these vendors and hidden gems go viral on social media and we often visit these places to relish popular dishes. But Netizens have a lot of questions after watching a recent viral video featuring paratha.

This Video Of Frying Paratha Is Going To Shock You

Content Creator Gurwinder Singh Maan (@gsfoodtravels) shared a video on Instagram showing the process of cooking a paratha in oil. Hold on! Is the man frying paratha in oil or oil in paratha? Netizens are confused about it.


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The video opens with a man cooking a paratha in a streetside food stall. He takes a tin canister and pours a massive amount of oil into a paratha kept on an iron pan. He fries one side till it gets brown. After frying that side, he removes some oil from the tawa and then flips to fry another side. The man even spills oil while removing some from the tawa. Gurwinder Singh shared this shocking video with the caption, “Punjab Ka Healthy Prantha”.

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As shared in the caption, this video has been captured in a local street food stall in Punjab. We wonder if the customers really like to eat something made using such an unnecessary amount of oil. Or was the reason behind using too much oil was this video? Well, we are unsure about this. What do you think?

Instagrammers Have A Lot To Say About This Video

Picture credit- Gurwinder Singh Maan Instagram (@gsfoodtravels)

Posted on Instagram on 20 May, this video has garnered more than 2 million views with thousands of likes and comments from the Netizens. The more than generous amount of oil used to fry concerns everyone watching it. Instagrammers are kind of scared seeing the paratha literally floating in oil on the iron tawa. The comments are sarcastic and make us go ROFL. A hilarious comment read, “1 plate oil with paratha 😋🤤” Someone wrote, “30 ka paratha 30 lakh ka transplant”. Another user commented, “Bharat ki population kamm krne k Naya tareeka”. An Instagrammer even named it “Hospital Paratha”.

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Would you dare to try this oily and greasy food?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Gurwinder Singh Maan (@gsfoodtravels)