Video Of Tiny 323-Sq-Ft 2 BHK Mumbai Apt For ₹75 Lakhs Goes Viral; Netizens Ask, “Shower Kahaan Hai?”

The minuscule apartment cost ₹75 lakhs and Netizens had some choice comments.

by Tooba Shaikh
Video Of Tiny 323-Sq-Ft 2 BHK Mumbai Apt For ₹75 Lakhs Goes Viral; Netizens Ask, “Shower Kahaan Hai?”

If you know anything about Mumbai, you know that the real estate here is absolutely bonkers. There is hardly any space in the city and matchbox-sized apartments end up costing an arm and a leg. Recently, a video that demonstrated the sorry predicament of Mumbai real estate went viral. A house tour video of an extremely compact apartment with two tiny bedrooms went viral. The minuscule Mumbai apartment cost ₹75 lakhs and Netizens had some nice comments.

Video Of Tiny Mumbai Apartment Worth ₹75 Lakhs Goes Viral

Finding housing in Mumbai is truly a nightmare. Recently, a video went viral X (formerly known as Twitter) which showed a woman showing around a teeny tiny apartment. In the name of “dining space” it merely offered a dining table which folded into the wall.

It also had two extremely tiny “master bedrooms” the bathrooms of which had barely enough space for a commode. The kitchen, too, was very small but was advertised as a fancy “L-shaped kitchen.”

If all of this wasn’t enough to set you seething, wait till you hear the price tag. This matchbox-sized apartment costs a whopping ₹75 lakhs! And on top of that, the lady, at the beginning of the video, says that the apartment is great if you want a 2 BHK but are on a budget of 1 BHK! 

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Netizens React To The Video With Sarcasm And Scathing Remarks

Needless to say, Netizens jumped at the opportunity to poke fun at the video. Many people were especially perplexed about the bathroom situation as it seemed that there was only enough space for the commode to fit in. Many asked where a person would shower.

Others poked fun by saying that the builder could have still shaved off a few square feet by removing space around the bed in the bedroom. Take a look at the funniest reactions!

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Have you ever lived in Mumbai? What do you think of the real estate situation in the city? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @theskindoctor13/X (Formerly, Twitter)

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