Video Shows Mumbai Restaurant Employee Cleaning Drain With Frying Net; Restaurant: “Don’t Believe Everything You See Online!”

After the video of a restaurant employee cleaning drains with a frying net went viral, the restaurant owner stepped up to release a clarification.

by Tashika Tyagi
Video Shows Mumbai Restaurant Employee Cleaning Drain With Frying Net; Restaurant: “Don’t Believe Everything You See Online!”

By now, we are sure, you must have seen the video of a Mumbai restaurant employee who is seen cleaning the kitchen drain with a frying net. The video has been making rounds on the Internet and led to people questioning the food safety at the famous restaurant. Now, the restaurant’s owner has released a clarification video about the incident. He has reassured his customers about the restaurant’s hygiene and asked people not to believe everything they see on the internet.

Video Shows Mumbai Restaurant Employee Cleaning Drain With Frying Net

An X (formerly Twitter) user, @sirajnoorani, posted a video of an employee of Istanbul Darbar removing drain gunk with a frying net in the restaurant’s kitchen. The viral video showed a restaurant employee, dressed in uniform and cleaning boots, cleaning a drain in the kitchen. What raised eyebrows was the fact that he was using a frying net for the task. In the video, it is evident that the employee noticed the X user making the video while he was cleaning. However, he ignored it and continued his work.

While posting the video, @sirajnoorani added the caption, “There is a hotel called ISTANBUL DARBAR near Kalpana Theater on Kurla West LBS Road, Mumbai, which is said to serve delicious food. Be careful if you eat something fried. Know the truth behind it.”

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Restaurant Owner’s Clarification On This Entire Incident

Seeing how the now-viral video was raising concerns amongst the restaurant patrons, Istanbul Darbar’s owner Shahbaz Sheikh released a clarification video. Addressing the incident of his employee using a frying net for cleaning, he mentioned that the equipment seen in the video was solely used for cleaning purposes and not to cook food.

He then went on to talk about how no restaurant owner would want to hurt the sentiments of customers. He said that people should not believe everything they see online and beware of false information. Shahbaz then went on to reassure people about the hygiene and safety norms of the restaurant. He even mentioned how such videos were made to “defame people.”

It is indeed not right to judge the entire situation by knowing just one side. What’s your hot take on this entire matter? Fill us in in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@sirajnoorani & Instagram/istanbuldarbar

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