Vidya Balan Shows Her Love For Gol Gappe With Hilarious Video & We’re Craving It Too!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Vidya Balan Shows Her Love For Gol Gappe With Hilarious Video & We’re Craving It Too!

We know Vidya Balan is a fantastic actress. But what we don’t know is her ardent love for gol gappe. The Jalsa actress took to Instagram to prove her love for India’s favourite street food. And we are totally onboard. So, read this article to know why you should head to your nearest street food joint ASAP!

Vidya Balan’s Gol Gappe Video

In a video shared by Vidya Balan on Instagram, fans are let in on a secret — her love for gol gappe. The video starts with a voice-over asking the actress what she wants in life. Pat comes the reply from Vidya, “Gol gappe“. The voice-over further questions her that keeping gol gappe, aside, what she wants in life. Again, with an adorable expression, Vidya Balan voices, she wants the gol gappe kept on the side.

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Her Favourite Dishes Apart From Pani Puri

Well, apart from gol gappe, what other dishes tantalise Vidya Balan’s taste buds? We have all the deets. The Kahaani actress loves her mother-in-law, Salome Roy Kapur’s bread pudding. She earlier took to Instagram to share a picture of the delicious bread pudding. Hailing from Palakkad in Kerala, Vidya Balan relishes the local cuisine. Her mother’s avial (coconut-infused vegetable dish) is one of her favourites.

vidya Balan
Picture Credits: Vidya Balan/ Instagram

Now that you know Vidya Balan’s favourite dishes, have you added these to your wishlist? Well, we have! But for now, it’s time to munch on gol gappe!

Cover Image Courtesy: Vidya Balan/ Instagram and Pixabay