Vidya Balan Talks About Easily Getting Hangry, And We Relate!

by Mallika Khurana
Vidya Balan Talks About Easily Getting Hangry, And We Relate!

Vidya Balan is known for more than just her brilliant acting skills, and her vibrant personality charms everyone. We can all tell how she is down to earth and makes everyone and everything around her happy. The most recent Sunday Brunch episode featured Vidya Balan and our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and it is filled with entertainment. *You know what we mean*. On this episode, she discussed her most recent film, Neeyat as well as her early years in the industry. Check out the complete video below!

Vidya Balan Talked About What Makes Her Happy And Irritable

What makes this charming personality happy? We were curious to know, and when we asked her, the answer we got was simply precious. Vidya Balan shared that seeing other people smile genuinely fills her heart and makes her really happy. She also shared the incident where a man who allots parking tickets in malls smiled at her, and it made her happy too. She realised how frustrating his work must get, and yet he goes the extra mile and does his work with a smile. 

Eating good food, having a good day at work, and watching a good movie with her loved ones are also major sources of happiness in her life. Next, we asked her what makes her irritable and she shared how she hates when people take her for granted or are unnecessarily rude to her. She also shared how easily she gets hangry. Relatable much? 

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She Talked About Her Love For Travelling

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Travelling is one of Vidya Balan’s great loves. She simply loves discovering and savouring all the hidden gems of new locations. She even shared how much she loves Japan. It was exceptionally clean, which was one of the reasons she liked being there so much. We learned about yet another fascinating Japanese tradition from Vidya. She shared how everyone there pack their trash into bags, take it wherever they go, and dispose of it there.

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This episode was filled with a lot of insight into the vibrant life of Vidya Balan and you need to watch it right away!

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